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​​The Tent-Cabin Maker

The Woodland Gnome is a born carpenter. Making tent-cabins is a labor of love for my gnome helpers because it is the lakes, rivers, forests, and the woods where they explore. I appreciate their patient, steady, and skillful labor in the shop. All the wood parts and canvas sewing are made to measure, and when finished the gnomes like to examine their work. When the tent-cabins leave the shop, they often come upon them in isolated places because, it is in the woodlands where they live. And if you're fortunate enough to see a gnome from your tent-cabin in the woods, you might find them, in gratitude, looking out from behind a tree examining their work of art.

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My helpers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​My appreciation for the outdoors led me on a camping trip from Upstate New York to Alaska and then to Canada where I attended the Pat Wolfe School of Log Building and learned the craft of log and timber frame construction. This then manifested into an awe-inspiring career for 26 years.

Through the nature of creativity, Totally Unique Cabins, the North American Tent-Cabin Company, began to emerge through the inspiration of my company's symbols. The design and creation of my personal tent-cabin is shown near the bottom of my home page. With more people interested in a low-cost, "affordable tent-cabin," I went back to the drawing board. Now, the release of my "Hideout" and "Canvas Shack" designs, for the backwoodsman and woodswoman, are available.

I always felt comfortable where my imagination was leading me. ArchiTENTure, Where Comfort Meets Canvas, is the result of the continuous encounter and re-encounter with my vision. It is my hope that my Totally Unique Cabins logo becomes a symbol of a growing family of tent-cabin owners.

​Truly Yours,

​Scott A. Miller

​Tent-Cabin Maker